Below are commonly asked questions,  if you do not feel they answer your questions, drop us a line from our Contact Us Page.

What should I wear?

We are a country church.  Most men wear jeans to business casual.  Every once in a while someone shows with  a tie on, or even a coat, and of course that is ok too.  Ladies typically wear casual modest clothing, ie. pants, skirts or dresses are appropriate.

How can I join the church?

You can join HCMBC by profession of your faith in Christ, or if you are or have been a member of a church of like faith, by moving your letter of membership or by statement.

What about babies and small children?

As you can see from pictures on our website.  we have lots of kids, from infants to teenagers.  The church is comfortable with parents keeping their children in the service, or if a parent chooses, we provide a cry room, and we accommodate small children in children's church or in the nursery.

What are your beliefs ?

A statement of our beliefs can be found at this site:  Doctrinal Statement  of the American Baptist Association

Who is the American Baptist Association?

The ABA is an association of independent churches that cooperate for the purposes of missions and ministry.

Do I have to be Baptized by immersion ? Why and how does that work ?

The New Testament was written in Greek,  the English word baptize comes directly from the Greek word,  it means to dip under or to immerse, hence Baptism by immersion.  Baptism is a symbol of cleansing, like taking a bath, and of Death, Burial, and Resurrection, acting out what Jesus did when He died on the cross, was buried, then resurrected from the grave.